NO on Issue 48

Why can't anything just be an up or down vote?
It would end all the confusion. Do you want the streetcar or not.
So two years after we voting down Issue 9, they've come back with an even more crippling Issue 48.
Here is what Section 3 says;

Section 3. For Purposes of this Amendment, (i) the term “Streetcar System” means a system of passenger vehicles operated on rails constructed primarily in existing public rights of way, (ii) the term “City” includes without limitation the City, the Manager, the Mayor, the Council, and the City’s various boards, commissions, agencies and departments and (iii) the term “money” means any money from any source whatsoever.

If passed the Amendment will be in effect until December 31, 2020. Why 9 years?
No idea, but its interesting that Article XII, which took Cincinnatian 10 years to vote out and cost the city tens of millions if not hundreds in lost opportunity, had the same architects.
So who are they? Coast, the group that said the streetcar is worse than 9/11 to firefighters.
Which is interesting because the streetcar is fully funded through transportation grants, meanwhile Coast, through frivolous lawsuits has cost the city and county over $150,000. Money that comes from operating expenses and pays firefighter's salary.
Don't let the Anderson Twnshp based CAVE* men highjack our city.

Vote NO on Issue 48

* Citizens Against Virtually Everything
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  1. omg you are awesome... and I believe that its that date as that is when the current charter actually "expires"