closing the gate on 48

I just received this press release from Cincinnatians for Progress.
They now have the release posted on their website.


In an action filed today with the Ohio Elections Commission, Cincinnatians for Progress formally charged COAST with knowingly making false statements to affect the outcome of the Issue 48 election vote.
The case cites twenty instances in the past two months in which COAST made false statements in violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 3517.22. Most claim the city has taken funds away from fire services to fund the streetcar project.
The Revised Code specifies those found guilty of violating Section 3517.22 "shall be imprisoned for not more than six months or fined not more than five thousand dollars, or both."
Cincinnatians for Progress is leading the effort to defeat Issue 48, which would prohibit the city from investing in rail transit until 2021.
COAST has conducted a relentless campaign of deliberate misinformation about Issue 48 in the face of definitive evidence that their statements are wrong. Not only are the facts widely available in local media and city records, they have been provided directly to COAST officials by the city.
Our goal in filing this action to to assure that city voters can cast their ballots based on accurate, authoritative information.

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