Pont au Double

We did the usual (for us on this vacation), zipping through stations with exotic names like Les Halles, Gare du Nord and Nation, names that are meaningless to me but after 2 days of riding the subways took on mythical proportions as reference points, before we jumped out into the sunlight near Notre Dame.
I'm still amazed that the image I've always had of Paris is of people sitting or strolling and eating. The city of cafe's I guess. It was infinately amussing to me to stroll a block or two off the main street and grab sandwiches and coffee at a p√Ętisserie and then do the exact thing I always pictured in Paris. Two sandwiches and two drinks for 7€ usually. I can say I didn't eat one thing there that wasn't outstanding.
So it was we found ourselves under the Pont au Double eating ham sandwiches and watching cruises go by on the river Seine.
Does throwing around French words make you feel supercilious too or is it just me?

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