Lunar/Launchpad grand opening this weekend.

Scott Sheridan, busily preparing to open Lunar/Launchpad along with partners Bill Foster, Ryan Goldschmidt, Ron Goldschmidt and Chef Jimmy Gibson took a minute out of his very busy schedule this past weekend to sit down and talk about their newest venture.


I love talking to and seeing people this excited about their dreams and projects, its contagious.. When someone is this passionate, failure is not an option. As Sheridan talked about Lunar he became progressively more animated as he described what it was all about. First and foremost, in an increasingly connected world with smart phones and mobile devices, he thinks that the future is a bar that matches your cell phone.
And he was also proud to say "whatever you think it is, it isn't. Its like nothing else"
The scene, says Sheridan, will be a dance club for adults 25+, I want everyone to feel welcome. He then said "I want to create clubs I wouldn't be embarrassed to take my parents to."

Walking around checking out the space while they tested the sound system- music thumping, lights flashing, it was hard not to get excited about it myself. A unique feature are two Cell phone booths with connections for about 20 types of phones. While closing the cell phone booth doors did stop the music, the bass still came through unchanged so I don't think talking on the phone will be any easier. But its still a cool idea on a gimmick level, something no other establishment in Cincinnati has. For the next ten minutes at least.

I recognized the art instantly having known one of the artists, Andrew Van Sickle for years. The series of Rorschaches and pop art robots are in the classic Avs style. The Rorschaches will be interesting as the pictures morph based on the color shone on them. What do you see in this picture? Not what you think, just like every other detail in this club. And there are other pieces of art placed strategically around the space by artists Collin Rowland and Evan Hildebrandt.

The grand opening is Saturday Dec 18th with a Cincinnati Bell sponsored party titled Galaxy a Go-Go.

A new place to eat downtown

While the exact menu hasn't been formalized, Chef Jimmy Gibson Will be serving food out of the old Wah-Mee kitchen in the lower Launchpad level every night of the week starting in January. A more limited selection of bar fare will be served upstairs. Sometime this summer they would like to reopen the Wah-mee space as a separate restaurant. As a hint to how Launchpad would look and feel Sheridan said think "James Bond" and I immediately started thinking Moonraker, more old school sophistication than new/hip/sterile.

Lunar/Launchpad, lets reboot and call it lounge3.0[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati lunar launch launchpad elm 5th lounge


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