look at you twirling your moustache and laughing diabolically

Ah those wacky coaster fan-boys, they ran out of logic and so have to resort to this. Tough luck that I can have a good laugh at myself.
Actually I kind of like it. maybe a little jealous I didn't think of it first.


Are they happy yet that all language pertaining to the streetcar is gone from the budget next year?
Don't miss all the wackyness of the anti-anti-streetcar supporters at Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone, Stupid! (BANANAS)

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  1. The Coasters are intellectually bankrupt jokers. Really, they're not even worth arguing with. No one is going to change their stuck in concrete opinions. I fact, they are so vindictive and mean-spirited, I bet they would like to see any sort progress for downtown fail. Then they can say 'I told you so" and retreat back to their little fortress communities.

  2. ^ Bingo. COASTers don't lie awake it night worrying that the streetcar will be a failed, money-wasting boondoggle. Their biggest fear is that it will be a success and completely undermine their decades of anti-city sentiment.

  3. I'm against a publicly funded and government-run streetcar, and I have always found these COAST people deeply disturbing.

    Keep being 5chw4r7z - they'll keep drinking the Haterade and will still suck long after they've moved on to new targets. You'll still be awesome (if wrong about who should finance and run any streetcar :)).

  4. Jackie,
    I'd agree with you if the government wasn't pumping $70 billion a year into the oil industry and subsidizing "free" parking to the tune of $350 billion a year.
    Next to that $100 million for the streetcar is a rounding error.

  5. I don't think the government should be doing any of those things. Piling more errors on top of existing ones is never a sound way forward.