its holiday party time, know what i'm sayin?

three guys on bus blah blah blah know wut i'm sayin? they're all saying that, i don't know what the hell any of them are saying

how come every time someone asks me "do you know what i'm saying" i have no idea what the f#@k they're talking about?
i shake my head no, but it doesn't slow them down
They keep talking and randomly asking me "do you know what i'm saying" so then I end up smiling and nodding. a lot.
explains why I never know what the hell is going on around me.
Good thing for me i have facebook and twitter to clue me in on whats happening around cincy, only the coolest parties in downtown appearing in the stream with me frantically clicking yes on each and every one of them.

One thing I can say clearly, it was fun hanging out with the guys from Powerhouse Studio and Higher Level Art.
I just wish some of that dopeness would rub off on me.
know what I'm sayin?

Hoist-Santa-Dayler from Illest Out on Vimeo.

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