red light cameras: the answer to the wrong question

red light running
When it comes to roads and traffic people are always asking the wrong questions. And once they become fixated on the wrong question they hang on to it like Captain Koons hung onto that watch in Pulp Fiction.
What is the best way to enforce red lights? Seems like a logical question. But its the wrong one.
I've been thinking about this because every time a light turns red downtown, up to four cars blast through it. 5th St and 7th St in the morning are particularly bad, you have to keep your wits about you.
I can think of two right questions, how about...

1) Why do drivers feel entitled to run red lights endangering pedestrians, bicyclist and other motor vehicle operators?


2) Why do traffic engineers design intersections that encourage drivers to run red lights?

Lets find the right question before we debate and outlaw the wrong answer.
red light running
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4 red lights ran


  1. It's also very annoying (and dangerous) that so many people ignore the "no turn on red" signs. It doesn't matter if there's no cars coming – there's still pedestrians trying to cross the street!

  2. Yes. So much this. I am also surprised by how often cars turn the wrong way onto one way streets down here. I just saw someone do it on Race about three days ago. This is clearly a different problem than the one you describe though.

  3. The only thing that might stop people is boom gates
    I really think doubling the amount of time in drivers' ed might help and yanking licenses, although people would still feel entitled to drive and drive as they please.

    1. I was thinking a raised crosswalk at trouble intersections so people are braking to the light instead of accelerating.