once upon a time in Key West

Just like everyone we usually have an agenda when we go on vacation.
We went to Portland to check out the streetcars and transit related developments.
New York was the subways, buildings and history.
The agenda in Paris was, well, its fucking Paris of course.
But the whole point of going to Key West was to not have an agenda and do as little as possible which was more challenging than you would imagine. But I think we made a slam dunk. We toured Hemingway's House and petted some six-toed cats but that was it. Every time I got tempted to explore we'd head immediately to a bar, drink and stare at the ocean.
Sometimes that is exactly what you need and nothing more.
I did hop off the bike to snap some streetart however.

#graffiti #streetart #keywest #florida
#graffiti #streetart #keywest #florida
#graffiti #streetart #keywest #florida

and this cool guy

#streetart #graffiti #keywest #florida #wheatpaste[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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