No justice, no peace

Black Lives Matter
I try not to blog much about politics and national affairs because I'm not good at it. But this has been bothering me since last August.
I think years from now people will look back at right now as a turning point. Unfortunately, right now we live in a post-fact, victim-blaming world. There are serious human rights violations going on in this country and most everyone looks the other way.
Well guess what? It is not ok for police to murder Americans in the backs of vans. The media goes on and on about the riots when the protests and violence could easily be avoided. If we can't trust the people who are supposed to protect and keep us safe then what is the point?
The government should be apologizing and back pedaling but what do they do instead?
They double down.
A peaceful protest? Send shield and club wielding riot police in.
The tension isn't high enough yet?
Send in the National Guard with assault rifles. To confront Americans. In an American city. And who does everyone mock? The protesters. It makes no sense to me.
It sickens me that people think a citizen smashing a car window is somehow worse than the police murdering young African-Americans.
It is also not amusing that white society, after having carried a campaign of genocide against Native Americans, having fought a bloody civil war over slavery and then dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan, is telling the black community to calm down and be quiet.
I can't imagine what it must be like to go through life having society tell you your life doesn't matter. Then killing your friends or family indiscriminately to prove it.
African-Americans being angry and pushing back against a government that is terrorizing them is not a riot, it's a rebellion.

“Looting, too, is about power. ... Something you’ve been told you can’t have because you’re not human enough to live, let alone prosper.” ~ Mia McKenzie
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
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