The Square People

The Square People as defined by Thomas Friedman are "all those newly connected and aspiring middle classes".
Friedman says that leaders are finding that Square People are "a spontaneous third party that has emerged between themselves and their tame traditional opposition and, as a result, their politics is getting a bit crowded — and a lot more interesting."
He is talking about people in the middle east but I couldn't help but draw some parralells to what has happened in Cincinnati.
Friedman goes on to say that before the Internet a protest required the tedious work of organizing and this helped build infrastructure for decision making and strategies for sustaining momentum.

With social media we completely skipped that step, it makes for rapid response. Remember the frustration the mayor and some on council expressed when their supporters were outnumbered by 100 to 1 in council meetings for the streetcar and Central Ave bike lane?
This is The Square People's greatest strength.
But also their greatest weakness because at the end of the day nothing has fundamentally changed at 801 Plum St.
Cincinnati Streetcar[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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