Molly Wellmann's newest bar!

Molly Wellmann is opening a new bar on 4th St. in the old Velvet location.
I've heard it will feature cocktails that women in the 1890s would imbibe in. The name of Molly's newest bar will be Velvet Knickers!
But from the picture in the window Molly should call it Please Don't Tell.
That would be awesome!

I may have made all this up but that doesn't mean she isn't opening a bar on 4th St.

Molly's new place will actually be called The Hearth Room and will be located in the former Tonic on 4th location. The Hearth Room will be an event space and is in response for the great demand downtown for special events.
Molly is teaming up with Jeff McClorey of Bromwell's hence the name.
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