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Elliott Danger James
People ask why I never give them a heads up about upcoming events. And follow that up with asking how I always know what's going on. There is no easy answer for that. As for sharing info on what's happening, have you ever thought about what that entails? Its an all consuming job, a swallower of worlds. And I don't have the time or the passion to pull it off.
But every once in awhile something important comes along and I have to throw a bone out.
An art show. An art show that is kind of two shows and more really. For whether you pay attention or not you've seen Yeti-Auge's graffiti all over OTR, downtown and other places. Graffiti, not to be confused with tagging is the twitter of art. Graffiti is what is happening right now, not five, ten or a hundred years ago.
So, this Friday May 30th at the Frameshop you see "Real Men Spit", featuring local street-artist Elliott Danger James and his alter-ego "Yeti-Auge" James says they'll have plenty of live jams, 100% Crispy artwork, and free stuff. He'll be releasing the first line of Yeti-Auge apparel.
And if that wasn't enough James recently has had his street-art featured along the Flying Pig Marathon route.
Not bad for a misunderstood and maligned kid living in OTR.
If you don't go to this show to check out Elliott's artwork while its still affordable to regular people, don't blame me.

This Friday is also Final Friday, there will be so much amazing going on in OTR people's head may spontaneously combust. Nightshade Ink is having an art show at Rock Paper Scissors. Park+Vine is having their 7th anniversary party just across the street. And back at 12th & Vine Article's Motorcycle helmet art show is going on. At Findlay Market The Red Door Project is going on at the Crown Building. Findlay Market along with the Red Door Project is hosting its own mini Final Friday with the OTR biergarten, Eli's BBQ, Market Wines, Dojo Gelato and Pho Lang Thang and an after party at Rhinegeist. I know there are a thousand other events happening in the city, things like the awesome Walk on Woodburn in Walnut Hills. The events I highlighted were ones I want to and have a good chance of attending.
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