the biggest loser, Cincinnati edition. hint, it ain't Roxanne Qualls

Is it me or does everyone think the commercial from Roxanne Qualls opponent is her commercial? She building a streetcar for economic development in the city. She helped lease parking meters so the citizens of Cincinnati wouldn't have to pay for upgrades. Only at the end do we find out that Cranley is against saving Cincinnati taxpayers money and against economic development.
Its confusing, he paid for this?
The local paper recently revealed all his campaign contributions so far. Why are people in Anderson, West Chester, Mainville, Harrison, Cleveland, Powell, Loveland, St. Louis, Kentucky, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas donating the maximum amount? I'm sure its not because they have Cincinnati's best interest in mind. Its not surprising at all when you consider his alignment with the anti-city group Coast.
Heck his most prominent Cincinnati endorsement he has so far from Alicia Reese had me scratching my head until I saw this.
Timeline to the BIG Alicia Reece endorsement:
From Cranley's campaign expenditures
7/24/13 --$1,050 -- Integrity Hall, 2081 Seymour Ave -- 'Space Rental'
8/12/13 --$1,000 -- Integrity Hall, 2081 Seymour Ave -- 'Space Rental'
8/12/13 --$1,000 -- Operation Step Up, 2081 Seymour Ave -- 'Contribution'
8/14/13 --$2,500 -- Steve Reece Consulting, (Alicia's father) , 2081 Seymour Ave
8/14/13 -- Alicia Reece 'endorses' Cranley for Mayor.

If you can't get an endorsement buy an endorsement.

I also notice he hasn't said much about crime lately, its pretty hard to spin Qualls influence on council.
I wonder if these stats have anything to do with Roxanne's willingness to fund an ounce of prevention while her opponent wants money spent on a flashier pound of cure.
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