dia de los donuts

Were you imagining things or did you just smell donuts in OTR?
You weren't dreaming and yes you did smell fresh donuts!
I was kinda surprised just how much twitter and instagram blew up with Holtman's Donut Shop for a good four hours Saturday morning. It was crazy.
But once I thought about why it all made sense. most people can only afford to eat at an OTR gastropub once or twice a month, but anyone can afford a gourmet donut any time they want.
I'm not much of a donut person to tell the truth, I won't go out of my way to eat one. Until now! I guess its because up until now all I've ever eaten were donuts that taste like cardboard. Holtman's Donuts, oh man, they were a mouth soirée.
I wonder how shell shocked Holtman's have been over the support they're seen in OTR? I heard they shut down for an hour or so Saturday afternoon to catch their breath.
Welcome to the neighborhood of food fanactics!

Holtman's Donuts
Holtman's Donuts
Holtman's Donuts
Holtman's Donuts
Holtman's Donuts
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