A Strong Cincinnati Is Good for Everyone

That's what Roxanne Qualls says, and while her opponent for mayor is giving neighborhoods lip service Vice Mayor Qualls has been actually implementing this philosophy.
The Vice Mayor has been a champion of form based codes for Cincinnati. Rather than a one size fits all approach to zoning, form based codes allow the various neighborhoods to structure the codes to fit their needs the best.
Another of her strategies that tie directly into form based codes is livable streets. Giving the streets back to the residents and users of the community.
Think Calhoun in Clifton. In 2004 Calhoun was dominated by drive through fast food joints. Now its a dense, mixed use neighborhood with apartment, retail and office space.
Or Westwood Square, a parking lot and other property at the intersection of Harrison, Epworth and Urweiler avenues will be turned into a civic square for the community.
The Northside will also benefit with a $10 million mixed use development at a the corner of Hamilton and Knowlton Blue Rock St., a long vacant lot. And lets not forget all the changes in Walnut Hills happening with the opening of one way streets for two way traffic again.

The Vice Mayor has also been working towards a truly multimodal transportation system. No one system will fit every worker and resident in the city. Streetcars buses and BRT will all need to work efficiently together.
One last program for making great neighborhoods is getting people back into homes. This is the primary concern of the Homeless to Homes Plan, get people into temporary, transitional or permanent housing depending on their unique situations.

Building great neighbors take vision, forward thinking and a true leader. Roxanne Qualls has all these in abundance.
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