blood, sweat and gears. and a parking plan

I built myself a track bike last summer, the goal being to do it on the cheap. I replaced only what I had to leaving some of what remained a compromise. For instance the crank gear is huge. Fifty two teeth, eight more than most everyone else uses on a single speed. Measuring the rear wheel, counting teeth and doing some tricky math yields a speed over twenty five mph spinning at 90rpm. With that in mind I figure I was doing north of 20mph Tuesday night cruising through Yeatman's Cove when I hit a bad spot on the tracks that run through the back. Isn't it funny how those things play out? I went down fast but after hitting the ground everything slowed down and I vividly remember the bike bouncing once before landing on top of me.
I felt bad for the woman jogging along who witnessed it, she seemed more shookup than me.
So I did what you would do,I rubbed some dirt in it and rode home.
luckily after i landed i had time to look up then duck when the bike landed on me.
It had me thinking yesterday morning when the news broke that the city of Cincinnati won its appeal over the use of emergency clauses. Cranley, Smitherman and their big money GOP backers from Hamilton county were heavily invested in crippling the city with that lawsuit. Cranley and Smitherman desperately needed those police/fire layoffs and the parking referendum so they could throw stones. They keep poking Cincinnati in the nose and bloodying it, but the city smiles, wipes its nose on its sleeve and picks itself up. These guys, the coasters and others in the county haven't won a fight since before 2009 when they backed Ghiz, Lippert and Issue 9.
If I was on the losing side on every fight for years I'd do some soul searching and think about it awhile. But no, they keep forging ahead beating the drum for causes the majority of Cincinnatians think are ridiculous.I can only imagine the local print, radio and TV media hanging on their every word has something to do with their visions of grandeur no matter how misplaced it is. It's almost amusing to see how flummoxed they get that people living in an urban environment don't agree with their ideas of suburban utopia.
Luckily, people that actually vote in the city see through the these guys vision of thugocracy.
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