An open letter to Cincinnati officials on the streetcar

Dear Council members,

After two hotly contested elections aimed at killing the streetcar and an election that saw an injection of younger more progressive people into city council I feel the citizens of Cincinnati have made it clear they want a streetcar built. It has come down to this, you've just approved eleven million for street rehabs that will last until this first freeze/thaw. But you struggle with investing another $17 million in a streetcar that will last 30 years and propel Cincinnati into the future.

I understand, the noisemakers are amplified by the TV, radio and print media who only portray one side on the story.

Don't be mislead by these groups, the most vocal of them aren't even based in the city!

You still have all the support for the streetcar that you did in the last two elections.
Keep in mind, no one who has opposed the streetcar has been re-elected.

Thank you

I've make it simple to email council, click the link, write your own email or copy and paste mine then hit send, its as easy as that.
Click here to email City officials.

UPDATE: The USDOT just promised another $5 million in additional assistance if the city comes up with the $17 million shortfall.
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