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The thought occurred to me Sunday thinking back about everything we'd down this past weekend and extending back a year really. An organized bike ride Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Cinco de Mayo parties held al fresco at Nada and Bakersfield. Plus the Flying Pig, and not just the pig, but seemingly every weekend there are walks and runs downtown. And we 're not even talking about the packed events held almost every night at Fountain Square and Washington Park with Smale Park not far behind.
So Friday night and the Music ride, I learned to read sheet music for kazoo and to play one! I know its sounds silly and corny and it was as silly and corny as you can imagine. What I didn't expect was how hard they are to play for any amount of time.I have more respect for how athletic musicians must be. In the end I think most people gave up as we rode our bikes following the pedal wagon with a brass band playing and just enjoyed the music.

I just learned how to read sheet music for kazoos
music ride in OTR
The Music Ride, celebrating OTR + Cincinnati + Music + Bikes
photo by prolix21
Saturday saw UrbanCincy's Bikes+Brews Ride with around 40 people bouncing from stop to stop grabbing food and drink. Just two examples of people desiring access to outdoor activities without having to hop in a car and drive out to the country. With all the parks and activities inside the city, there's really no reason to leave anymore.
Bikes + Brews
Bikes + Brews
Bikes + Brews
Bikes + Brews
Bikes + Brews
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  1. Any word on the next Bike's and Brews? This can/should/might already be a regular thing?!.