What's the future look like for Cincinnati?

It all depends on what happens in November.
On one hand we have Roxanne Qualls, a leader with vision. She has been working to foster growth all over the city. 70% of Cincinnati's income comes from income tax, with that in mind the city has to grow to improve finances. The opposition has been trying to turn this into a downtown vs the city battle which is a disservice to what is happening.
One project Ms Qualls has been pushing is Focus 52, a program to fund transformative neighborhood Economic and Community Development projects. Projects in Bond Hill, College Hill, Madisonville and Walnut Hills are ready to go.

On the other hand, John Cranley, is a guy with no vision, you can't even call him a leader. He's hell bent on shutting down anything that competes with his Incline District. He has already helped kill a plan to save hundreds of police and fire jobs. Right now the city estimates they'll get $7.2 million in casino revenue, Cranley and the casino managers estimate it at $21 million.
And guess what one of the programs Cranley will ax for his new budget, yep Focus 52.

So I guess it comes down to this, do you want to bet Cincinnati's future on Cranley and the casino when Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and the rest of city council has been working to build a broad base of income for years?
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  1. Is converting the Carew Tower still part of Ms. Qualls "vision"? If so maybe the owners better be notified.