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Council meetings I've found out are as boring as a gallon of white paint.
But this is where the sausage making gets done. I was hoping to hear about possible financing of the sreetcar instead it was hours of people trying to convince council that after six year years of fighting for the streetcar that yes, we still want it built. Except for a few opponents that is who left me wondering, did they sound crazy to everyone or just me because I'm biased?
Toronto Councilwoman Karen Stintz made the trip to Cincinnati to talk about how important streetcars have been to her city and summed it up by saying,
“You know what you have,” she said. “But it’s sometimes a struggle to imagine what you could be.”
I pulled out a couple random tweets from the council meeting last night.

To be fair and balanced like FoxNews I need to include the opposition, Tom Luken was at the meeting talking about how he went to Tampa and couldn't find their streetcar, and no one there knew anything about a streetcar. And he was the smartest guy in the crowd of opponents.

Couldn't agree more Matt, couldn't agree more.

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  1. The Lukens (husband & wife) sat behind me. Both of them mumbled & grumbled loudly & obnoxiously throughout the meeting. Very childish.

    If there's another meeting** someone should hand out "I hate the streetcar" baby pacifiers.

    (** please god no)


  2. Dude, you killed it last night! I was LMAO that you were calling people out.

  3. wow, I was watching on TV. waytogo, Westender.
    But, seriously, didn't Sittenfeld learn anything from Ghiz about Tweeting from council meetings?
    bad form