Demand the Cincinnati Streetcar! SHOW UP MONDAY!

Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls has called a special public hearing on the status of the Cincinnati Streetcar project, and Cincinnati needs your support NOW more than ever!
The City has been behind the eight ball for awhile now letting anti-city special interests from Anderson Township set the tone of the Streetcar argument. They keep hammering away at cost, because that's a hot button issue right now.
But the truth is, the cost of not building the streetcar is very high, the future of Cincinnati is at stake. I don't think anyone can be too dramatic in overstating what a colossal mistake not building the streetcar would be. After failing to build the subway system almost 100 years ago, the city can not afford to make the same mistake twice in two different centuries.
I know Washington does, they thought the streetcar project was so important they sent the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff to the groundbreaking. Washington said, "[the] Project Will Revitalize Downtown by Attracting More Local Investments and Improving Access to Jobs, Recreation and Services"
Do we as a city want to tell the next generation of tech-savvy workers, people with no interest in owning cars, that they are not welcome here.
I don't think so.
Please come to city hall Monday April 29th at 6pm at tell council to do what we elected them to do in 2011 and build the streetcar.

Cincinnati Streetcar ground breaking
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  1. You know what I just noticed... I don't see Smitherman anywhere in that photo...

  2. I don't think he was a member of council yet. But even if he was he probably wouldn't have been there I bet.