Future Shock

I'm hip deep in the future, standing in the middle of it as a matter of fact.
Its here right now, but like William Gibson said, its unevenly distributed.
Can you see the value of a hammer? Its a hammer. But a carpenter sees tables, cabinets and wardrobes.
It gets even more complicated with facebook and twitter.
People talking about what they had for lunch?
Its crazy!
Until a plane lands in the Hudson, or an earthquake hits Virginia.
Hence my amusement when I read the comments following a Plain Dealer story about smart phones.

Smart phones - stupid people. ~ bopdoowop

Self-indulgent people filled with self-importance. Are you really that important? ~ Chicken Little

Let's see...APPS...TWEETS...PEEPS...Does this sound like like nursery-school [or perhaps pre-school] babbling?
Gimme a break...or, better still, get a life! ~ lkwd39

Do you think people got upset 130 years ago when the first electronic telephones were installed in homes? Some curmudgeon waxing philosophically if he needed to talk to someone he'd walk down the street and talk to them.
Or 150 years ago when a letter was sent across the continent on the pony express? Must be filled with self-importance if you thought your life was that incredible that someone on the other side of the country would want to hear about it.

And that’s not even getting into the realm of camera phone arguments.
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