First look: Jimmy G's

The same guys who brought you Lunar/Launchpad, Scott Sheridan, Bill Foster, Ryan and Ron Goldschmidt and Chef Jimmy Gibson are at it again, preparing to bring their expertise to your dining experience. This was more of a pre-sneak peak than a sneak peak as they're working frantically to have the old Wah-Mee space at 5th and Elm completed for a November opening.
My first reaction was I walked into a time capsule of Wah-Mee and the process of deconstruction was going on, this place hasn't been touched since the 50's. Then our guide and partner/owner Ryan Goldschmidt told us, "think Mad Men" and I remembered last December Scott Sheridan told me he wanted the space to channel the Rat Pack and it all made sense.
I never would have guessed how big the place was, it went on forever, there are 3 rooms in the back for parties, a smaller one for a bout 14 people and two larger rooms that when combined could probably host a small reception.
If you are familiar at all with the Cincinnati food scene Chef Jimmy Gibson doesn't need an introduction, he was the Executive Chef for Jeff Ruby forever and has his hand in other projects as well. The food on hand to sample was amazing and if you've had appetizers at Launch or FB's you know whats in store.
They'd like the average price to be around $25 a person so it shouldn't price out anyone looking for a fine dining experience.

Jimmy G's

The VIP pitch, nowadays we call this crowd sourcing you need some deep pockets but if you have the ability to prepay you can get up to a 40% bump on your money. Back when we were talking about opening a coffee shop we were going to do this, selling $125 gift cards for $100 before the opening to raise cash.
Private wine lockers, don't worry, the swans aren't staying.
Jimmy G's

One of the bigger private rooms.
Jimmy G's
Jimmy G's
Jimmy G's
Jimmy G's

This is going to be a nice addition for the south west corner of downtown, on one hand you have the sandwiches at Main Stay Rock, which are fantastic by the way, or you have the run of the mill bar food at Champs, or you could hike 5 or 6 blocks for something upscale.
After November you'll hike no more.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


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