The anti-city group coast compares the streetcar to terrorists murdering Americans.
I'm mad, but I almost feel sorry for those Keystone Cops of politics.
They need to see a doctor asap.

Never mind the fact that the streetcar is already funded with State and federal funds. State law says it would be illegal to use these transportation funds for payroll.
I wonder how many dollars eaten up in frivolous lawsuits by these guys could have been used for police and fire payroll?

UPDATE: Author of the tweet apologized, is confused about operational vs. capital budgets.
Please get some professional help.

BOMBSHELL!! COAST spokesman Mark Miller now admitting he was wrong about the facts.
From an interview with WKRC: ""Yeah, they can't take fire department salaries and go out and buy rails with it. I admit that."
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  1. Thanks, Bob. This tweet needs to get out as far and as wide as possible!!!

    Way to use dead firefighters, police, and EMTs to further your agenda, loser.


  2. My favorite part was the apres-tweet foot-chewing. Deleting the tweet, then apologizing, then saying they did nothing wrong.

  3. Good thing a number of us captured the tweet before he deleted it.

  4. Streetcar dodge: http://postimage.org/image/2fgrgi4lg/