the revolution will be tweeted, Viva la revolution

The overwhelming majority of Cincinnatians favor the streetcar, if you go by things you can quantify like elections and turnouts at public meetings.
The people against it? Its interesting the news media can only find one or two people from a Anderson Twnshp based org who oppose it.
That's it? no one else?
Couldn’t attend the meeting tonight? You could have followed it one twitter.
But first a recap of what has happened up until now.

From the city manager;
The operating budget contains no line item money for streetcar, and even if it were not being built the deficit would still be $58.7 million.

If the streetcar isn't built, then the money doesn't exist.

Flashback to NOVEMBER 04, 2009
Cincinnatians defeated Issue 9
Cincinnatians elected by a wide margin a mayor who wants the streetcar and didn’t bother to campaign.
Cincinnatians elected Laure Quinlivan, whose whole platform was the streetcar, to city council.
Cincinnatians elected a pro-streetcar city council.

So here we go, onto Thursday nights council meeting

CinNewTon City manager reiterating numerous times that this is not a stand alone project but part of a larger plan for Cincinnati.#CincyStreetcar

BRADLEYWTHOMAS #CincyStreetcar tampa's streetcar spurred one billion in development. Seattle streetcar hq

RoxanneQualls #Dohoney saying have not found one city that regrets doing a #streetcar system.

@RoxanneQualls City Manager citing 14 studies that demonstrate economic impact of #CincyStreetcar in response to Wayne Lippert (R).

MetroCincy Discussing ways new parking meters could also be used to vend streetcar passes. #cincystreetcar

CFarmerTweet Dohoney: No General Fund operating resources will be used. #cincystreetcar

CFarmerTweet Witnessed 2 disturbances at the #cincystreetcarmeeting. Both instigated by streetcar opponents. 1 man was removed. 1 man was Tom Luken.

UrbanCincy Prominent #CincyStreetcar opponent Tom Luken reportedly removed from public City Council meeting after causing disturbance.

MetroCincy Now beginning public comment. Nick Sweeney up first.#cincystreetcar

@MetroCincy All #CincyStreetcar opponents claim to support streetcar in principle,

@MetroCincy Opponents disregard facts and hold spectacles like this to put truth on the defensive. -Casey Coston #CincyStreetcar

BRADLEYWTHOMAS The opponent states we should illegally use the streetcar funds to pay police.

CFarmerTweet Opppnents of the #cincystreetcar don't seem to understand that federal transportation funds can't be used for just anything. #cincystreetcar

@johnyungphatOld Cincinnati said 'I can't.' New Cincinnati says 'I will. #cincystreetcar

@tasteofbelgium Stop waffling! Build it! #Streetcar

@RoxanneQualls Yvette Simpson eloquently advocating for investment in the future-the #streetcar

@JenLKessler Dear ACLU member who made a 'slit your throat' motion at me during the #streetcar meeting... That's very classy. You don't scare me.

UrbanCincy If City Council has no problem following public opinion in maintain public safety spending, why not infrastructure?

BRADLEYWTHOMAS [streetcar opponent] cites World War One related inflation as a reason not to invest in transit.

katycosse Boondoggle. Boondoggle. Twice in two public comments. Do I hear a third? Or another buzzword perhaps?#cincystreetcar

UrbanCincy After all the public comments have been heard, 40 spoke in favor of #CincyStreetcar, 5 against.

msred513 Appalling behavior by some elected officials. Citizens expect their representatives to act like adults. #cincystreetcar

UrbanCincy So it appears that both Mr. Luken and Mr. Smitherman had some issues with security at the #Cincystreetcar meeting tonight. This is telling.

UrbanCincy Councilman CharlieWinburn (R) made a calculated political move calling this meeting & it backfired.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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