Flying Pig weekend, the race is just a metaphor for life

5,000 runners in the marathon, 12,000 in the half plus the 10k and 5k on Saturday plus supporters and families made for a high energy weekend downtown. Saturday was pleasant and Sunday could have been worse, I saw were smiles every where I looked.
I knew people running Saturday in both races so got down there early to watch, I had never actually been to the finish line before, it was very confusing with chain link fences everywhere.

Flying Pig Marathon 2011

First male finisher in the 10k
Flying Pig Marathon 2011

First female finisher in the 10k
Flying Pig Marathon 2011

First old guy in a pink pig costume finisher in the 10k
Flying Pig Marathon 2011
Flying Pig Marathon 2011

I've heard a million times that if you run a marathon you won't be the same person when you finish.
Queue eye rolls.
That is until I watched the finish of the 10k Saturday and the marathon on Sunday.
Then I got it, there are a million reasons these runners could have come up with not to run, I saw women with kids who probably ran early in the morning before their families woke, or ran late at night after they were in bed.
Jobs, weather, bad knees. But somehow they all found time to train.
I thought back to people I've known who find reasons not even to do easy things, they'd rather blame anyone but themselves for their situation.
And I realize why I always try and surround myself with intelligent, hard working and ambitious people. Its infectious. For every negative person dragging you down, it probably takes a dozen to pull you up. And you can never have enough friends like that.
One of these friends I watched run Saturday morning, @tisenfine. This was her last fall.
Beerfest 2010

And this was her finishing the 10k
Flying Pig Marathon 2011

I thought I was going to meet her at the finish line to do her a favor, it turns out she did me one.
I don't know about you but I banging out everything on my todo list this week. No excuses.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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  1. +1 on this bad boy. Every run/ride/swim/step closer I am on the house etc is just a reminder I can do anything I bust my ass for.

    Big ups to all the piggies, and huge congrats to @tisenfine, no better feeling than coming back from an injury. Highs and lows, being sidelined is almost as depressing as kicking ass on the return is rejuvenating.

  2. Thanks Bob, I was sitting at a bar Saturday night surrounded by my friends, all creative, mover-shaker types, and thinking about how I don't have the same impact that they do. But I think you just proved me wrong. :)

  3. But you're not one to settle either Kristen, I think going back to school for an MBA shows that, sure everyone complains about life but few people do anything about it.
    You have more influence than you think.
    Thanks for inspiring the movers and shakers.

  4. Bob. You gotta stop making me cry!