vintage Christmas

I never tire of these pictures, the first of Ms. 5chw4r7z's mom, and one of her aunt. Downtown Cleveland, I think it was Higbee's but I'm not sure.

Patty Christmas
Aunt Rosemary Christmasbest place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio


  1. Love the photos! A blast from the past. Somethings from a different era just can't be faked or photo chopped today. but who is who in the photos? Aunt vs MIL?

    See, I always need to know too many details. :)

  2. The first picture is EM's mom who she is a carbon copy of.
    The second picture is of her aunt sitting on Santa's lap.
    No idea who the other kids are in the pictures.

  3. Thanks. They were all cute kids! Liked the expression on Santa's face facing the camera.