even more old christmas pictures.

I love this stuff, Ms.5chw4r7z has boxes (and not small ones either) of old pictures. It always feels like a treasure hunt going through them. One thing young kids will get to experience less and less in the future, that thrill of digging through yellowed old pictures.
Or maybe they won't even care and its something only I get a kick out of, but I don't think so.
she still looks exactly like this
Ms. 5chw4r7z at Christmas
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  1. I love old photos as well. Came across a box 5 years ago of UNSEEN pics in my small family. Great stuff.

    I think it's sad that individual pictures, stored for decades in a box, will be a thing of the past. Sure digital photos is nice & having a laptop..but nothing like having pictures you can hand to people in a room. Or I just love the FEEL of holding a picture in my own two paws.

    I wish they'd bring back the REAL Polaroid cameras with instant prints. Some of those had AMAZING color and textures and nuances that created a mood NOT found in photoshop.:)