"within reach" is relative and you shouldn't grocery shop with a buzz on

Yep another cloudy drizzly saturday morning presented itself and with tears in our eyes we walked away from the pool.
What now?
DWR has a warehouse sale today, scratch and dent says Ms. 5chw4r7z.
Fine not much else to do.
Did you know you can buy ceiling fans with 9' blades? Those puppies were pushing some air let me tell you, those dock workers won't sweat this summer. But even at 50 - 70% off, it seems they still placed the decimal places two spots to the right too far. I liked the rug comprised of leaves, it would be like walking though the woods right in your living room. haven't talked Ms. 5chw4r7z into it yet.
Saturday of course is beer and wine tasting at Bigg's. I decided it would be good to shop backwards and do the tasting first, but drinking micro-brewed beer with 9% alcohol wasn't good on an empty stomach. Somehow we managed to avoid most of the junk like usual, just bought a little more than we normally would of.

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  1. Yeah, we've stopped going to the DWR "sales" because the discounts are a joke.