GoOTR 5k

Saturday morning started off hot and muggy and it didn't look like the rain that was called for would happen. Our favorite breakfast spot being closed now on Saturday left us hungry as we made our way up to The Q to see what was happening. Its really turning into a tight little neighborhood up there and we saw and talked to everyone, some of our pool buddies ran in the race and represented. The winner ran it in something crazy like under 16:00 I think, could be off some but it was fast. We ended up trying, for us anyhow, a new place, which was really disapointing. But thats a story and a blog post for another day.
OH, Park+Vine has the new streetcar shirt. In 2010 though don't be that guy wearing the streetcar shirt on the streetcar.

GoOTR 5kGoOTR 5kGoOTR 5kGoOTR 5kGoOTR 5kGoOTR 5kGoOTR 5k[where:over the rhine cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. The girl standing at the bus is a fantastic shot! I love it.