Southwest Ohio Society of Badasses @Fringe

Southwest Ohio Society of Badasses
Thunder and lightning and heavy rain greeted us on the way out of the apartment, it wasn't a hard decision to make as we jumped in the car and made our way up to The New Stage Collective on Main. I'd never been there before and the theater itself was kinda cool.
With one drawback, there were post right in the line of sight for the seats facing the stage directly so it was either have parts of your view of the stage blocked or sit stage right which wasn't totally bad since the actors did a good job spreading their focus around.
Justin Baldwin and Alex Homer assumed the roles of Bud and Neil growing up with an abusive alcoholic father in southwest Ohio. It mostly takes place on Buddy's 13th birthday with flashes of future memories mixed in. I was expecting more of a comedy, it had humor but it was a dark and heavy humor, but the story was compelling and never bogged down. Justin and Alex did an excellent job with the performance.
I really liked this one, You have two more nights to see the Southwest Ohio Society of Badasses.
Southwest Ohio Society of BadassesSouthwest Ohio Society of BadassesSouthwest Ohio Society of Badasses[where:1120 Jackson Street Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fringe festival know theatre

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