Monument Circle Indianapolis, In.

I've noticed in forums that Cincinnati tends to get lumped in with Indianapolis quite a bit due to the fact that they have about the same population, I think its really an unfair comparison because, one, they are a state capital have have more resources to call on, and two, they are a much newer city and most of the development was preplanned where in Cincinnati it all happened organically.
But since this does happen I want to throw in a few observations, they do seem to have a thriving retail district but limited to about four blocks south of Monument Circle, beyond that I noticed many empty storefronts. Their sidewalks are much wider and in better condition and their streets are WIDE! Four healthy lanes that could probably be 6 downtown Cincinnati. Again, when Cincinnati was growing early on the biggest traffic jams were pigs from the steamboats.
For a weekday afternoon Indy had way more panhandlers than downtown Cincinnati.
You can't see a whole heck of a lot in one day in a major city, we didn't hit any major museums so this winter we'll have to go back and check some of those out.
Thats a really simplistic overview I know, I had a really good time and it was an awesome day for sightseeing.

Monument CircleMonument CircleMonument CircleMonument Circle[where:1 Monument Circle Indianapolis, In 46204]Monument Circle Indianapolis, In

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