Hathaway's Coffee Shop

I've heard and read so much about Hathaway's but somehow have never been there before. But our favorite Saturday morning spot Servatii's is now longer open on Saturdays and it left us looking around.
Down to Hathaway's we went.
I'm sorry to say I was really disappointed, I like my hash browns flaky and these seemed to have had a brick set on them as they cooked and came out thin and tough, I didn't even know how to eat them and they ended up abandoned. The eggs were over cooked and tough also, with a huge thick slice of ham rolled up inside that made it tough to eat. All that still could have been over looked except for something unforgivable. As everyone knows I need my coffee IV in the morning and after bringing out the food we never saw the waitress again, after I saw the bottom of my cup, something that should never happen if you want a tip from 5chw4r7z, I tripped her as she rushed through and begged her to bring more coffee. for only $2 more we could have went to First Watch.
Probably won't go there again.
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  1. I always thought Hathaways was cute, but I've only eaten there a couple times and that was YEARS ago (& lunch foods). That seems surprisingly expensive, but I don't know what omelets go for. I'll stick to Frisch's, they have my favorite breakfast. You can keep First watch, I hate their food. bleh.

  2. They are much better for lunch, I assure you. I realize I've never actually been there for breakfast...

  3. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. My wife, son and I were there a few weeks ago for breakfast and enjoyed it very much. Not only was the food good - French toast, eggs s.s.u. and goetta - but our waitress, a wonderful older woman named Kati, kept the coffee coming and even entertained our eight-month-old son, who was a bit cranky. You seem to frequent some classy joints and have a corresponding set of high standards. Hathaway's is just a diner, with all its charm and flaws.

  4. Actually I like dives for breakfast, you get the best meals there.
    But its a greasy spoon law no one's coffee cup should ever be more than half empty.

  5. Servatii's on Court is closed on Saturday?! I could have sworn it was open just the other week.

  6. Yep, two saturdays ago they were open, but no more :-P

  7. Have you been to Tucker's for breakfast? I always here about this "legend" but have never been. Would it fall into the greasy spoon/diner category?

    Mu hubby and I used to go to Rise and Shine cafe for breakfast on the weekends. He really like there Thai Chicken omelet with its cheez whiz. I swear it came like that!