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Normally this doesn't bother me because 98% of my day is spent in a command prompt with CLI. But there are a few exceptions and it drives me crazy. The Cisco wireless controller has a web interface so, you go the the login page and are presented with a generic Cisco page with a login in button. Once clicked it redirects you to the actual login fields
Can't they assume, say for the sake of argument that if I make it to that first page that I may want to log in?
We have a 3com controller for VOIP phones, so you go to the web page to setup a handset and the first field you need to click in. How hard is it to code that field with the focus when the page loads? OK maybe a minor annoyance with one phone, but a hundred? after twenty I'm looking for a sharp object to jam into my eye to get out of this task.
Jackie points me to Bill Gate's experience trying to download a Microsoft program that ultimately ends in failure.
My point being, we can map the human genome, but somehow can't make tasks that should be simple, less complex.

On a different note, now that I'm done venting, I bought a new suit and took the pants in to be hemmed today. The tailor, Alassante is South African and asked where I want them to hang and I tell him I want them just touching the top of my shoes. he pins them up and asks if I like them.
He stares at me from a crouching position.
You're sure?
Where are you from he asks.
Northeast Ohio.
He stands up and stares at me again.
And you like that?
Its very European he says.
I'm thinking that was a compliment as he was smiling.[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown cisco

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