if you got Lucky Charms share Lucky Charms, the Fringe Festival 2008, its all over now

Now I remember why I've never seen tons of shows at Fringe in the past. It all sounds like fun weeks in advance but six shows in little over a week starts getting old. At least the best ones were left for last. Hotel Plays was very well acted and enjoyable to watch. Don't Make Me Pull this Show Over had some heavyweights in the cast and their voices were incredible, however after the last few musical I've seen I thought maybe I did like musicals after all, but sadly no, Don't Make Me, brought it all back in focus, or maybe in focus is not the right term as my eyes would glaze over 30 seconds into each song and I would start thinking about really interesting things like HSRP and IP PIM Sparse-Dense Mode. Overall I enjoyed Fringe but I'm glad its over. A couple cool observations from the weekend, if you split a sandwich at Lavo its actually quite resonable and Tommy Nugent would be cool to hang with for a summer.

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