Friday night started out hot, muggy and raining.
Is the rain ever going to stop around here?
The walk down to West 4th St. was heralded by fireworks which gave us hope about the outcome of the ballgame, as the Reds had beat the Cards the night before.
But onto AVSArt.
Tony Dotson's primitives were interesting and maybe a little more approachable to most people than the last exhibit by Kelly. I really liked REWARD, although Mommy's Best Friend had a crowd around it all night it seems. But next door at unheardof is where the real action was, well it would have be action if anyone could have moved, the place was absolutely packed.
And the girl who told me I was cute,
You can't drop a bomb like that and then take off.
Why don't you have your people talk to my people?
Heading back to Nada we saw Ramirez trying his best to get inside the Westin surrounded by fans desperate to get autographs. It turns out the fireworks were a good omen as the Reds had beat the Soxs.
We made it to Nada only to be greeted by a long line, and while they were telling everyone there was a 45 minute to one hour wait, they showed us right in and sat us at a table, our friends were mighty impressed, well, we called in some favors just for you we joked.

[where:323 w 4th st Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. Unheard Of looks really cool. I can't wait to get back in the 'Nati to check it out.