Econ 101

Do they teach basic economics in high school or college anymore?
They should.
The AFL-CIO, yes I know why am I getting worked up about anything they say? The AFL-CIO is organizing a national campaign to draw attention to what it is calling the "politics of greed." They are protesting the tax breaks directed to big oil companies.
So I need someone to explain to me how taking tax breaks away from the oil companies, in effect ADDING costs to gas, will bring prices down.
Maybe a Liberal Art Degree doesn't require economics or math.
Boston T. Party has all the answers;
Apparently George deMohrenschildt was Prescott Bush's cheif geologist.
deMohrenschildt was a Nazi in the late 30's.
deMohrenschildt was also a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.
After the assassination guess who was in Oswald's addresses book?
Yep Bush and deMohrenschildt.
And that all adds up to gas costing $4 a gallon. Simple.
Here's the complicated answer, oil companies are making record profits on oil because they are in the OIL business.

Big Daddy's Liquor
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