lunch with da guys @Chili's

One of the things I like about baby showers is going to lunch with all the guys. Probably won't happen anymore, not sure but the baby thing may be played out in the 5chw4r7z clan, but who knows, one of the Lehman nieces told me she's the same age I was when my youngest brother was born so I guess anything can happen. These crazies always crack me up, I'm getting older so I don't wind them up like I used to, now they wear me out instead of the other way around.
One thing for sure, they don't have all my food hangups, I was gagging just looking at that grilled cheese sandwich.

Guys lunch @Chili'sGuys lunch @Chili'sGuys lunch @Chili'sGuys lunch @Chili'sGuys lunch @Chili'sGuys lunch @Chili's[where:4133 Belden Village Mall Canton, OH 44718]chili's Belden Village Mall canton ohio

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