life is beautiful

I've had an amazing series of events I've wandered into lately with no expectations or anticipation of what they would offer.
You've heard that quote, "Live everyday like its your last." I've been thinking about how dumb it is, what does it even mean? What I strive for is, "Live everyday like it is your first with a childlike sense of wonder and joy."
It's easy to be cynical and jaded, it takes some work to see the beauty that surrounds you. I don't know if there is anything more important than that.
This might be the number #1 life hack ever. See and love the beauty that is right in front of you.
I hope I keep this streak going.
How about a turtle in a beautiful hidden space in Walnut Hills that was once a garbage filled alley?
I couldn't believe I had the space to myself for 20-30 minutes. But I was grateful I did.
I just realized I've had a whole week of Walnut Hills posts. They're definitely doing something right over there.
Walk on Woodburn
Walk on Woodburn
Walk on Woodburn
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