rumors of Alex Shebar in Cincinnati sadly were true

You hear this lament from guys, girls don't want nice guys they're attracted to bad boys.
The dirty little secret is girls don't like bad boys because they're bad, they like them because they aren't boring and give them stories to tell their friends.
Now this doesn't have have anything to do with picking up girls but it does have everything to do with not being boring.
Back at the dawn of social media Shebar shows up in Cincinnati like one of those old school journalists in a film noir.
Ride alongs in cop cars, getting fired from newspapers and some of the craziest stories you'll ever hear.
So the moral of the story here is, if you aren't boring it opens doors and when this obscure startup, yelp, opened shop in Cincinnati Alex was standing there holding the door for them.
Long story short Cincinnati was too small and Shebar lands in London for the last 5 years until yelp crashes and burns internationally.
But really this was just a long-winded way to express how cool it was to see Alex again in the states.
Don't be a stranger up there in Chicago man!

Shebar in Cincinnati
Shebar in Cincinnati
Shebar in Cincinnati
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