Dennison Hotel

The world changes fast, even faster these days with social media. I can't even imagine what is like for old guys like the Austin Poweresque evil bad guys, the Joseph brothers. In the old days, circa 2013, they could quietly buy a historic building, sit on it for a few years until everyone forgot about it then tear it down.
That was the old days before supporters of history, particularly Cincinnati history, became highly networked.
And now the Joseph's are shocked SHOCKED that anyone would dare oppose them.

“I don’t know who all these people are,....You have a small vocal group who wants to say our client took down a landmark building (a historic building in a historic district but whatever).” ~ Joseph's spokesdick

You almost have to feel sorry for them, in the old days money bought whatever the Joseph's wanted. Money still buys whatever they want, the only difference is in 2017 they are squinting and squirming in the harsh glare of social and news media while doing it.

Erasing history
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