the future is now

You know that feeling you have when you are tearing presents open on Christmas morning?
You know that feeling you get when get something you've worked and fought for?
You know that feeling when you've been laser focused on one thing and you forget football exists?
That, times 3, was my weekend.

Ms 5chw4r7z and I decided to volunteer and hang out at the Fountain Square stop to pay it back.
Or pay it forward.
Whichever it was an amazing afternoon talking to people and seeing one smiling face after another. And people asking, "did this really just happen in Cincinnati?"
But why shouldn't awesome projects happen in Cincinnati?

When you give a damn about transit, this is what it looks like. ~ John Yung, UrbanCiny contributor.

I met this couple, now I can't believe I didn't get their names, that drove from Erie, Pa. to ride the streetcar. He writes books about rail projects all over the country and wanted to pickup some souvenirs from Cincinnati. I met another older couple who because of the pleasant Saturday morning jumped in their convertable and drove from Indiana to ride the streetcar. For some reason everyone was eager to share their story as they waited on the platform for the next streetcar to come.

Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
The Museum Center had people riding the streetcar Friday dressed in period costumes.
Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
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  1. Hey Bob - I'll keep an eye out in my railroad groups for any posts about the streetcar & let you know if I learn who this gentleman is.