All the sudden alleys are the hottest public spaces

People are rediscovering and activating alleys in the Cincinnati area. Which isn't surprising as they are pretty cool spaces. But like every other overnight trend, this one has been years in the making. There have been a couple people beating the drum in Cincinnati, the Johnny Appleseed of alleys, Christian Huelsman and Spring in Our Steps is one. Casey Coston, who brought the idea of a beer popup in an alley back from Detroit is another. Recently Bellevue hosted a Makers Market in an ally.
There is a pent up demand for walk-able spaces that also happen to be just a little gritty and have an authentic feel. Bellevue, Ky has an abundance of alleys and the residents on either side of Kennedy Alley joined together for Blocktoberfest.
Nothing like a neighborhood block party where everyone (mostly) knows each other.
All the sudden alleys are the hottest public spaces.
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