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People should talk about books more than they do.

We used to, before social media. Books take too long. Why invested hours and hours in a book when a facebook update only takes ten seconds?
At the same time, how do you think of new things? Imagine new things?
Books are the best way I know.
I've realized things this summer reading that I wondered why I didn't know when I was 20.

Somehow, this ended up as the summer of heavy books.
Not physically heavy. Mentally heavy. Maybe even spiritually heavy.
The Buried Giant and The Regional Office is Under Attack! two books that the authors could have written in a number of different ways. However they chose to write them in the most beautiful way possible. The books are works of are art.

A couple of the books, as I read the last sentence no matter how hard I squeezed my eyes shut the tears still leaked out.

These are a couple books that changed my view of the world and myself.

The Buried Giant / Kazuo Ishiguro.
The Regional Office is Under Attack! / Manuel Gonzales.
Blindsight / Peter Watts.
Dark Orbit / Carolyn Ives Gilman.
A Burglar's Guide to the City / Geoff Manaugh.
The Cartel and The Power of the Dog / Don Winslow.
Anathem / Neal Stephenson.
And every book you can find by Paolo Bacigalupi.
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  1. I consider myself a pretty voracious reader, so I'm excited to add these books to my "to-read" list, as I've never heard of any of them!

    1. Awesome! Let me know what you think of The Buried Giant.