French Fry Heaven

Right off the bat my first impression of the name French Fry Heaven was that it was a pleonasm. Of course french fries are heaven. Saying French Fry Heaven is like your IT guy saying NIC card. Saying French Fry Heaven is like a politician claiming false pretense (which they do by the way proving I'm not the worst English speaker in the world).
OK, you get the point, I and I would dare say, almost everyone loves French Fries.

French Fry blazing hot
I toss on salt and gobble
my tongue is on fire

Sorry, just felt a French Fry inspirational haiku pop to the surface.

Back to French Fry Heaven, let's be honest here, you won't be doing any fine dining at French Fry Heaven, this is going to be a place you stagger into at 2am (they're open until 3am) to soak up those ten beers you drank at Bogarts. At 6pm, not so much, but I got to hang out and catch up with Ronny of Queen City Discovery fame.
The good news is just a few years ago you had only had Panera or Papa Dino's to choose from but now there are a dozen or so worthy options for lunch and dinner on Calhoun and McMillan.
And one place for 2am.
French Fry Heaven
French Fry Heaven
French Fry Heaven
French Fry Heaven
French Fry Heaven
French Fry Heaven
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  1. "Forking good fries?
    Can we expect to see John Kasich here?

    1. Yes, this would be the John Kasichest of places.