downtown valet

You know when I first saw a valet set up here on Race St I got mad. I was thinking about how much grief I get for taking a 3' of space on my bike and here these guys are consuming an entire lane. But what is even crazier is they have a valet for a restaurant that is in an 1100 car garage!
Are people getting that lazy?
But once I had thought about it awhile I don't think it has anything to do with lazy. Its has everything to do with status and being seen. People worked hard for their car, they have everything invested in their car. But no one can see them getting in or out of that car inside a parking structure.
I have to wonder if subconsciously this is peoples problem with the streetcar too. No one on the streetcar is going to give a shit what kind of car anyone drives.
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  1. I think it's a mix of laziness and status. But, more so laziness. Yes there is a garage for parking. But, then you have to weave in and out and FIND a spot! That might take too many minutes. And then you have to walk! You might get sweaty or rained or snowed on. You might even have to walk a long (short) distance in heels. It's all too much. The struggle is real.