Once upon a time monsters roamed OTR
Not figurative monsters
That would be lame
I'm talking fire breathing Tokyo eating monsters
Until the heroes came
The universe hates a vacuum, add heroes and you get anti-heroes
And no good story works without tension
Some could define a hero as a hopeless romantic, they almost have to be don't they?
And if you have romantics there will be attraction
Love doesn't care about loyalties or the shifting sands of right and wrong
And sometimes it come to blows
Ken wanted to be Thor
Everyone tried to tell him he would never pull it off
Ken's too tall they announced
His muscles are too big they claimed
some said, he's way too good looking
They said he'd never look cool carrying around a 130lb hammer
BAMM! look at him go
And everyone lived happy ever after. Or at least until Sunday morning, even heroes suffer hangovers
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