could a cycle path work on Elm St?

At the end of 2013 Urbancincy proposed a cycle path on Elm St. "Elm Street... has some of the least congestion of any north/south street in the Central Business District..."

I thought of this when the city closed two lanes of traffic for All Star fest at the convention center. When I saw the barricades the first thing I thought was wow, if we wanted 5' for a bike lane people would be screaming. But during the 5 busiest days of traffic that downtown has seen in years, if ever, the intersection of 5th and Elm never got too congested. Now that it has unintentionally been proven that Elm St can survive losing two lanes all we have to do is wait until our current mayor is gone then we can go about making Urbancincy's vision a reality.
These picture were taken about 5:30 pm on a weekday before the All Star craziness began. As you can see on an average day there isn't much happening on Elm during rush hour.

Elm Street
Elm Street
Elm Street
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