The Grand City Experiment

From the Grand City Experiment's website;

"Grab coffee with the new guy on your street. Heck, add a shot of espresso. Now what if 100 people in our city did that today? Think of the ripple effect we could create together if thousands of us did one simple challenge each day for an entire month. Everyone in our city could feel at home. Join us in October as we perform daily challenges to make our city feel a little more like a community. We call it The Grand City Experiment...Welcome Home."

Ever hear of people having a hard time meeting people? Having trouble feeling a connection to the city?
Yes? No?
The Grand City Experiment aims to see if it is possible to impact an entire population in a positive manner to address these issues.
But it won't work if its the usual suspects, they're already connected and making differences in their circles.
Get in on the experiment, whether you do every challenge or just one, it could make all the difference.
What will your Cincinnati look like at the end of October?
Sign up for the challenge now at The Grand City Experiment.

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