People's Liberty

Do you have an idea worth 100K?
Do you have an idea that could change the city?
If you do, People's Liberty would like to hear about them.
Up until now Cincinnati's charitable foundations have focused on places and events. A top down approach that work well. But is it the best way to bring change? We're about to find out because instead of investing in things, People’s Liberty aims to invest in people and ideas. And they're not just going to blindly hand people money. The goal is to set the artist, educator or big time dreamer up with contacts in an array of disciplines; PR people, branding or designers. Whatever is needed to bring this big idea to life.
Looking in from the outside this really feels like it could be a game changer. What idea could be worth $100K? Improving the health in a disadvantaged neighborhood? A new way to teach or mentor at risk youth? People's Liberty will award two Haile Fellowships every year for five years to answer this question.
Is there a less ambitious project out there? Project Grants will award up to $10,000 each for these projects that increase civic engagement and drive community development.
For artists there will be Globe Grants, up to $15,000 for a three month art installation in the Globe Building. The Globe Grant will be awarded four times a year.
What would you do in this space? We're about to find out.
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